R.I.Shoju-kempo ryu Sentou ryu Karate-do Hombu Dojo

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Professor Larry S.L. Martin Hanshi is the Chief Instructor and Director of the R.I.Shotokan Karate-do Hombu Dojo and Shoju-kempo ryu system. with over 43 yrs. in the Martial Arts. Professor Martin is the founder of Shoju-kempo ryu and President Ceo of Shojukempo International Martial Arts Association. Professor Martin is the Chief Instructor at the Main Street Martial Arts Center on North Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island.


Shihan Christopher J. Dacey Technical Director for R.I.Shotokan Karate-do a godan 5th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan. started training at the age of 21 yrs. old under Prof. Larry S.L. Martin. Shihan Dacey is a very strick and down to earth Instructor, who beleaves in tradition NOT SPORT KARATE! Shihan Dacey started the first Karate club a St. Peter School in Warwick, Rhode Island. 7 children out of 60 received their Jr. Black Belt from Shihan Dacey and Prof. Larry S.L. Martin. the Karate club lasted for  7 yrs.


Renshi Jeramy E. Martin - Devlin Yondan 4th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate-do  / Godan 5th Dan Black Belt Kempo / Kenpo, Shoju-kempo ryu
this 21 year old started at the young age of 2 under his father Instructor Prof. Larry S.L. Martin in Koga ryu Ninjitsu, Kenpo / Kempo, Shotokan Karate-do and Kobudo ryu. Renshi is all about perfection in Kumite & Kata, this 3 time New England Gold Medal Champion in Kumite has what it take to get the job done! a true Martial Artist!! Renshi Devlin - Martin was ask to take over the Karate Program and be the Director and Head Instructor at the Main Street Martial Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. by Chief Director Micheal Werth Sensei  2nd Dan Aikido.


Sensei James Coleman Asst. Instructor for R.I.Shotokan Karate-do a nidan 2nd Dan Black Belt. Sensei Coleman started at the Nathan Bishop Middle School Shotokan Karate Club in 1998. this Instructor is all about Kihon ( Basic's ) a student at New England Tech. his gold is to perfect ( kihon )!


Sensei Tom Duquette a nidan 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate-do has been with Prof. Martin since 2000 a Shorin ryu student and a History grad and a person who sticks to Kihon, Kata and Kumite he is all about perfection!


Sempai Dr. Andrea Heany - Turcotte a shodan 1st. Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate-do and a English teacher at Warwick Vets High School. she is also the Instructor for the Warwick Vets Shotokan Karate Club. which she started in Sept. 2006 with about 15 or more students. this Instructor is all about Academics and Karate-do!

Sensei Jim Batista a 4th Dan in Shoju-kempo ryu and a 1st Dan in Kyokushin Karate-do under Shihan Lee Getty, Master Martin was a student under Shihan Getty to. Sensei Jim is the Dojo Mang. and Asst. Instructor. who beleaves in hard traning!