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I have been training in Karate-do in 1964 my father would bring me down to our basement and show me the basic's of Karate-do which I didn't know was Moo Duk Kwon Taekwon-do, he would say this is Karate as I began to learn the stances, blcoks, kicks, punches, strikes and kata. back then Karate-do was just Karate-do to me, the words that my father would say to me was Karate-do for life! and I never understood what he was saying, now that I'm in my 50's. I understand Karate-do can help you in everything that you do in your life no matter, if its in the Academic class room, at home or just being yourself, Karate-do is a way of life! now I truely understand what my father was saying. Karate-do is not about winning trophy after trophy, its about oneself! seeking perfection of Character thats the key! the person or persons that Practice Karate-do must seek perfection and that means what ever you do in life. Master Funakoshi beleaved in that and passed it on to his students. I teach Karate-do to Children of all ages many of them want to compete in tournaments, I let them. but, I have always told them that Karate-do is for life not glory! when Karate-do was introduced, it was for defense and war, now its 2007 Karate-do still can be for defense. but, it can be for just keeping one self in shape, no matter what the perpus, still it comes down to " seeking perfection of character " if a true Karate-ka follows the teachings of Master Funakoshi they to will follow the path of perfection, I always tell my students, friends, family and others these words that one should
 "seek perfection of character, be faithful, endeavour, respect others, refrain from violent behaviour " Karate-do teaches these things and one should live by this. but, some do not want to live by this and that's why we have so many young men and women in jails around world if everyone would follow the dojo kun their lives would be alot peaceful! and you know somthing, I'm still seeking perfection of character, Karate-do is endless til the day you die!
Prof. Larry S.L. Martin Hanshi

Zen Stories

After practice, Japanese Karate instructors often gather their students to teach discipline and philosophy. Sometimes the instructors use Zen stories to exemplify what they are trying to teach. The teachers usually do not complete the story, or they end the story with a question in an attempt to make the students think for themselves.

I would like to give two examples of Zen stories. Please find your own answers to these questions.

There was once a family that lived in Japan many years ago. The father's profession was that of a professional thief. One day the oldest son in the family asked his father to teach him his techniques. This was important because if his father died or became old, the family would no longer have a means for providing for their expenses....

In my studies and contact with many Karatedoka, I have found two types of people at opposite poles of philosophy. On one extreme is the Karatedoka that is trying to make his own Karatedo world in which to live. These Karatedoka pay more attention to the aesthetic parts of philosophy, than goodness. This type of Karatedoka makes the mistake of invading others without permission. Of course, these Karatedoka do not know their own territory accurately, because they do not try to know it. If used the wrong way, Karatedo becomes a dangerous weapon. Not only will it destroy other people's lives, but it can also destroy one's own life....